Manage your email storage

Whether you need to be GDPR compliant or just want to save space, Dittach is an indispensible tool for Gmail.

Delete the Attachment - Keep the Email

Only Dittach lets you delete attachments directly. Our users have removed


files from Gmail so far. That's a lot of space saved and content secured.


Search the full contents of your files direct from the Gmail search bar with a seamless integration


Our simple filters make understanding your email storage and finding files a snap


Strip files off attachments in bulk or delete all attachments older than a certain date

Ready to Try Dittach?

Dittach is available for free to Chrome users.  Simply install us from the Chrome store:

Are you a business?

Dittach is the only tool designed to help with GDPR and data-privacy compliance in Gmail.

Know Your Storage

The same privacy regulations that apply to your company's cloud storage also apply to your email storage. The first step is knowing what you have stored in email.

Secure Your Space

With Dittach you can remove all files from selected threads with the click of a button.   You can even delete all attachments older than a certain date to keep your space secure.

Preserve a Record

Dittach automatically keeps an audit log of deleted files, so you can demonstrate your efforts in compliance and show dates of deletion or removal.